About us

Ritchie Court - a block of 43 purpose built flats for the retired - was opened in 1976. The moving spirit in this enterprise was Professor Ritchie Russell under whose auspices the residence took shape as a self-governing association, operation under Friendly Society Regulations.

As its name implies, its aim is to provide a place for retired people to live independent and secure lives, managing their own affairs, with some back-up to make this possible.

All residents are members of the Association and participate in the election of the Board of Management from amongst the membership. Thus, though the flats are self-contained, Ritchie Court functions as a congenial group of individuals with a sense of community. The residents arrange social occasions.

Whilst the need for privacy is fully respected, a warden is on the premises for 24 hours a day, always available in an emergency. The Wardens office is open for a period each morning and evening. The help the warden gives is that of a 'good neighbour' but it is not part of the warden's duties to provide any help on a continuous or regular basis and residents should employ extra care if they need it. Ritchie Court does not offer the level of care provided in a nursing home or residential home. If nursing home care is required then arrangements must be made by Residents or their sponsor.


Ritchie Court was built to a high specification. Quality materials were used, and the corridors and communal areas are spacious and have high ceilings. The same applies to the apartments. High ceilings, big windows, separate halls, kitchens, bath-rooms and box rooms contribute to a general feeling of space and light.

The Lease

A 20 year lease is granted by means of a loan to the Association, the amount of which is determined by an up-to-date valuation of the flat in question by an independent valuer nominated by the Association. The lease, subject to the Rules of the Association, is renewable without further payment of capital. At the termination of the lease, or at an earlier vacation of the flat, the initial loan is repaid to the lessee, or to the executor of the estate together with 50% of any increase in the value of the flat arising during the period of occupancy. Conversely, a fall in value would result in a deduction of the whole decrease from the initial loan. Flats are redecorated and put into good order at the outgoing resident's expense. There is a waiting list and a notice is circulated when a flat becomes available.


Ritchie Court is also a community. Residents are free to take what part in it they like. Many find the daily lunch a good opportunity for meeting other residents. There are also frequent events laid on by the House Activities Committee. Visitors often comment that "everyone seems to get on well together" and the community is a helpful and friendly one. Some want to be more actively involved than others, but it would be hard for anyone to feel lonely in Ritchie Court.

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